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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: SOLR stylesheet
Date Mon, 17 Jul 2006 18:45:49 GMT

: I believe I had posted the same message several months ago and was told the
: stylesheet functionality was for internal use in a previous release and is
: not "functional" now.

not quite ... the "tabular.xsl" file that is commited in SVN is for an old
XML format that Solr no longer supports -- we never got arround to making
a new one that could deal with the current XML format.

If you want to use XSLTs with Solr as is, you have to either put them in
the admin directory of the WAR when building Solr, or configure your
servlet container in some way such that they can be accessed by clients
using the url  solr/admin/yourname.xsl -- all the Solr code does is write
an <?xml-stylesheet?> header using a relative URL out of the stylesheet
param (take a look at the XMLWriter class to see what i mean)

one of the things currently on the TaskList to make all types of "plugin"
things easier -- including stylesheets.  If anyone is interested in
submitting a patch for this, I've been thinking that a better way for the
stylesheet sstuff to work, would be for the requestHandler
registration in the solrconfig to contain a mappping from short stylesheet
names to fully qualified URIs, and then XMLWriter would lookup the value
of hte stylesheet param in that Map to determine the header to output --
that way people could configure differnet request handlers with differnet
supported stylesheets.

Another possible approach, would be to add init params to
queryResponseWriter so they could be configured there.

if anyone is interested in purusing either of these options, step on over
the the solr-dev list and we can spit ball them some more.


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