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From climbingrose <>
Subject Mobile phone shop + Solr
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2006 16:00:55 GMT
Hi all,

I've been watching the development of Solr in the last few months. I start
building a mobile phone shop with faceted browsing to allow users to filter
the catalogue in a friendly manner. Since the site will probably expand in a
year or two, I need some advice regarding the design and implementation of
the system.

At the moment, I have a sql table holding mobile phone information (id,
brand, name, size, screen, weight...). The total number of fields are around
41. I want to be able to facetedly browse the catalogue based on, for
example, the weight of the phone (100-150g, >150g) or color (red, black...).
Another feature of the system is that it allows users to sell their own
mobile phones on the website. For example, if they browse Nokia 6600 page,
there'll be a link for them to sell their own 6600 phones. The user can then
provide some more information about the phone he/she is selling such as
condition, description... Obviously, I need to publish the mobile phone
catalogue to  Solr. How about the information that users submit when they
sell the phone? Should I publish them to Solr as well?

Can Solr do facetted browsing based on content of a field? For example, our
mobile phone table has a field named color, which might look like this:


Can Solr produce something like:


Because the website is currently being developed in Java, I'm a little bit
worried about the use of curl. I want to be able to programmatically
submit/delete document from Java code rather than through command line. I
read JavaSolr page but it seems that the code isn't stable enough for
production. Can anyone who has successfully developed a Java client for Solr
give me some suggestion regarding this matter?



Cuong Hoang

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