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From Przemysław Brzozowski <>
Subject Re: Double Solr Installation on Single Tomcat (or Double Index)
Date Thu, 07 Sep 2006 08:34:51 GMT

Tom Weber napisał(a):
> Hello,
>   I need to have a second separate index (separate data) on the same 
> server.
>   Is there a possibility to do this in a single solr install on a 
> tomcat server or do I need to have a second instance in the same 
> tomcat install ?
You will need separate instances within the same Tomcat.

>   If either one is possible, does somebody has some advice how to set 
> this up, and how to be sure that both indexes do not interact ?
Create context xml file for each SOLR application in the folder : 

<Context docBase="${catalina.home}/..../solr.war" debug="0" 
    <Environment name="solr/home" type="java.lang.String" 
value="${catalina.home}\solr_data_files\" override="true" />

Adjust docBase to point at solr.war.
Adjust solr/home to point at solr_data_files - different folders for 
different SOLR instances.

If the context xml file name is called solr1.xml then you can acces that 
solr instance using following url  http://host:port/solr1/admin.

>   Many thanks for any help,
>   Best Greetings,
>   Tom

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