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From Michael Imbeault <>
Subject Re: Facet performance with heterogeneous 'facets'?
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2006 03:59:46 GMT
Another followup: I bumped all the caches in solrconfig.xml to


It seemed to fix the problem on a very small index (facets on last and 
first author fields, + 12 range date facets, sub 0.3 seconds for 
queries). I'll check on the full index tomorrow (it's indexing right 
now, 400docs/sec!). However, I still don't have an idea what are these 
values representing, and how I should estimate what values I should set 
them to. Originally I thought it was the size of the cache in kb, and 
someone on the list told me it was number of items, but I don't quite 
get it. Better documentation on that would be welcomed :)

Also, is there any plans to add an option not to run a facet search if 
the result set is too big? To avoid 40 seconds queries if the docset is 
too large...


Michael Imbeault
CHUL Research Center (CHUQ)
2705 boul. Laurier
Ste-Foy, QC, Canada, G1V 4G2
Tel: (418) 654-2705, Fax: (418) 654-2212

Yonik Seeley wrote:
> On 9/18/06, Michael Imbeault <> wrote:
>> Just a little follow-up - I did a little more testing, and the query
>> takes 20 seconds no matter what - If there's one document in the results
>> set, or if I do a query that returns all 130000 documents.
> Yes, currently the same strategy is always used.
>   intersection_count(docs_matching_query, docs_matching_author1)
>   intersection_count(docs_matching_query, docs_matching_author2)
>   intersection_count(docs_matching_query, docs_matching_author3)
>   etc...
> Normally, the docsets will be cached, but since the number of authors
> is greater than the size of the filtercache, the effective cache hit
> rate will be 0%
> -Yonik

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