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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Got it working! And some questions
Date Sun, 10 Sep 2006 20:04:59 GMT

: - What is the loadFactor variable of HashDocSet? Should I optimize it too?

this is the same as the loadFactor in a HashMap constructor -- but i don't
think it has much affect on performance since the HashDocSets never

I personally have never tuned the loadFactor :)

: - What's the units on the size value of the caches? Megs, number of
: queries, kilobytes? Not described anywhere.

"entries" ... the number of items allowed in the cache.

: - Any way to programatically change the OR/AND preference of the query
: parser? I set it to AND by default for user queries, but i'd like to set
: it to OR for some server-side queries I must do (find related articles,
: order by score).

you mean using StandardRequestHandler? ... not that i can think of off the
top of my head, but typicaly it makes sense to just configure what you
want for your "users" in the schema, and then make any machine generated
queries be explicit.

: - Whats the difference between the 2 commits type? Blocking and
: non-blocking. Didn't see any differences at all, tried both.

do you mean the waitFlush and waitSearcher options?
if either of those is true, you shouldn't get a response back from the
server untill they have finished.  if they are false, then the server
should respond instantly even if it takes several seconds (or maybe even
minutes) to complete the operation (optimizes can take a while in some
cases -- as can opening newSearchers if you have a lot of cache warming

: - Every time I do an <optimize> command, I get the following in my
: catalina logs - should I do anything about it?

the optimize command needs to be well formed XML, try "<optimize/>"
instead of just "<optimize>"

: - Any benefits of setting the allowed memory for Tomcat higher? Right
: now im allocating 384 megs.

the more memory you've got, the more cachng you can support .. but if
your index changes so frequently compared to the rate of *unique*
queries you get that your caches never fill up, it may not matter.


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