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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Solr in production env.
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2006 01:24:32 GMT

: I'll bet Hoss & Yonik's paycheck on it.  ;-)

: P.S. Hoss & Yonik - just kidding, but couldn't resist.  Many kudos to your
: efforts on this.

I can't speak for Yonik, but I take no offense -- I bet my paycheck on
Solr every day :)

: > and hopefully for lots of following projects but I'm a bit confused
: > that there is no release available for download. Is Solr still in a
: > beta state, are there solr servers in production. Is it recommendable
: > to use it in production? I would be glad about some experience and
: > recommendations about this topic.

With any piece of software I'd personally recommend you rev your local
copy only after veting that it behaves as you expect based on your usage
of the previous version (ie:  have your own Unit Tests that you run
against it on a Dev box before deploying to production).  It's also wise
to keep snapshots of the source code and documentation each time you rev
your local copy in case the project takes a drastic turn in direction and
you find yourself wanting to fork from the last version you were happy

As for Solr specificly: *I* certainly think it's suitable for production
use, and have a vested interested in making sure it doesn't change so
radically that future changes aren't backwards compatible.


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