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From "Yonik Seeley" <>
Subject Re: Simple Faceted Searching out of the box
Date Fri, 22 Sep 2006 20:01:15 GMT
On 9/22/06, Tim Archambault <> wrote:
> I've been talking with other papers about Solr and I think what bothers many
> is that there a is a deposit of information in a structured database here
> [named A], then we have another set of basically the same data over here
> [named B] and they don't understand why they have to manage to different
> sets of data [A & B] that are virtually the same thing.

Yes, I sympathize... if MySQL had a really good full-text search
somehow integrated in it, it would simplify things.  I think it's
probably a lot harder to be both a database and a full-text search
server and do both well.

We thought about closer integration in the past, but MySQL didn't have
triggers or anything, so there was no way to know when something
changed and what changed.  Databases also can't handle things like
Solr's dynamic fields as well either.

> In writing this to you another thought came to mind. Maybe there are
> alternative ways to inject records into Solr outside the bounds of the
> cygwin and CURL examples I've been using.

curl is just used as an example.
Hopefully the XML updates are generated programatically from the
database records and automatically sent to Solr?

That still requires coding on the users part though, and I would
eventually like to be able to index simple databases with a user
supplied SQL select statement.


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