today not OkĄŁ

i check source of cjk: and (these from lucene 2.0 source code)

and your code,,,i write and

ant is ok.i copy new solr.war to tomcat's webapps,,,,and modify schema.xml

use admin page, i use http://localhost:8484/solr/admin/analysis.jsp?highlight=on to check word analyze

it show me *()*)&*^&*, oh my god. i m failure.

i see's code, i find something difference. like your Tokenizer sames as StandardTokenizer,,i have to use myself..

thk u very much, no your code, i think i maybe give up. i only use delphi and php, no java and unix before i meet lucene.

i use lucene well and i think i can use solr well.

thk u again.

my msn:,,,maybe we can be friend.