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From "Zaheed Haque" <>
Subject Re: Solr Flare
Date Tue, 02 Jan 2007 22:23:23 GMT
Great! Wow!

What are the difference between flare and act_as_solr as of today?

I been playing around with ruby/rails for about a month and its fun!
my thoughts were (i.e. after my playing around period) to create a
frontend presentation framework and seems like you have already put
the project into motion with flare :-) and it will be nice to
collaborate and contribute.

As you have already set things into motion I wonder if you have
thought about how you would like to execute the presentation
framework.. i.e do you have any frontend  rails app that I can start
hacking away... Bottom line I am trying to figure out where and how
should I start... I have gone through the flare wiki but I am bit
confused cos script/server webrick to localhost:3000 gives me "link to
wiki" and app/controller/ doesn't have any code as of todays checkout
so I am not sure what I am missing from the wiki todo list... Maybe I
am completely lost :=)

Are you planning to use the Solr Jira for issues? or will flare have
its own jira?


On 1/2/07, Erik Hatcher <> wrote:
> On Jan 2, 2007, at 4:15 PM, Yonik Seeley wrote:
> > Wow, awesome way to kick of the new year!
> All part of my plan for world dom^H^H^H peace!
> > You may end up converting me to Ruby while you're at it ;-)
> Ruby is lots of fun... and with the goodness of Solr behind it, the
> UI experience will be truly amazing.  The success of Flare will
> change the face of a lot of library systems in the world, at the very
> least.
> On a more pragmatic level, I'd love for you and others to review how
> I've put the ASL in some of the files, but not all.  I'm not sure if
> generated code (by the Rails application generator) needs to have the
> ASL attached to it, or how this sort of thing should be handled.
> Thanks!
>         Erik
> >
> > -Yonik
> >
> > On 1/2/07, Erik Hatcher <> wrote:
> >> I'm finally kicking off that long dreamed of Ruby/Solr DSL, including
> >> an accompanying general purpose web interface to showcase the
> >> greatness of Solr's capabilities, including faceted browsing.  I've
> >> titled the project Flare, and have committed the bits of low-level
> >> code into Solr's repository.  The gory details are on the wiki, here:
> >>
> >>         <>
> >>
> >> I'm dedicating the next couple of months of spare time to this in
> >> order to have it ready for a couple of big projects, one is to
> >> demonstrate a faceted browsing front-end on our libraries holdings
> >> (~3.7M records), and also to have a framework for even more easily
> >> demonstrating and teaching Lucene and Solr to a bunch of library
> >> geeks
> >> [1].
> >>
> >> For the Ruby-savvy of you out there, I'd love to have help in
> >> crafting a Ruby Solr DSL suitable for "gem install", and fleshing out
> >> a general purpose API and UI.  As for collaboration, it'll be via
> >> JIRA patches, wiki, and this e-mail list, and we'll go from there.
> >> Thanks in advance!
> >>
> >>         Erik
> >>
> >> [1]

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