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From "Zaheed Haque" <>
Subject Re: Solr Flare
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2007 19:28:12 GMT

Thank you for your answer. I think I will be focusing more on the
rails application part. Some random thoughts and questions for
brainstorming .. Some of this questions are really way down .. but I
am trying to understand your roadmap rather ..

1. Are you thinking of any user/password/my page/settings what not...
for folksonomy/tagging etc..? i.e. user management/login logout etc?
or you think the end provider should do this customization after
downloading the app

2. Will the rails app be language independent? i.e. using plugins like
globalize, localize etc?

3. Have you given any thought regarding Erubis an alternative to ERB
.. Its a matter of speed..

4. Also are you thinking of any admin tool like (streamlined ) for managing the UI

The above is actually somewhat true for any application on the web.. I
just want to know will flare address the above .. or are you thinking
that  the "End developer i.e. one who will download flare"  will do
the above.. Or I guess better question would be "Will flare be a
complete download and go app" or somewhat "app that needs modification
further" :=).. of course anyone can customize anything its open..

I appreciate your feedback... I  know I have more questions.. :=)  if
you prefer I can send you mail directly..


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