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From "Ryan McKinley" <>
Subject Re: Split one string into many fields
Date Mon, 22 Jan 2007 20:28:28 GMT
looks like we wont save the discussion for later :)

> At this point though, I can't for the life of me remeber what Ryan said to
> convince me that it made sense to have a DocumentParser concept that
> UpdateHandlers could delegate to -- as opposed to the UpdateHandler doing
> it directly :)

We were discussing a handler that crawls an svn repository and another
that may accept a single file.  They should be able to share the logic
of parsing a single ContentStream into a Document.

Essentially, I was suggesting making a standard DocumentHandler
framework (like the one in LIA that gets pointed to at least once a
week for people wondering how to parse XML/PDF/TXT/etc into lucene a

With SOLR-104, this will be straight forward to implement.  I totally
agree it probably belongs in a 'tools' or 'plugins' directory along
with other things that are useful, but not the focus of solr.

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