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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: Solr Flare
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2007 02:02:29 GMT

On Jan 2, 2007, at 5:23 PM, Zaheed Haque wrote:
> Great! Wow!

Well, as you've noted, it's still in its infancy.  Being impressed  
will come a few weeks later, at least :)

> What are the difference between flare and act_as_solr as of today?

As of today, tons... since acts_as_solr actually does something  
useful, whereas Flare is just some basic Solr communication wrapping,  
and syntactic sugar coating on making the requests.

In the future, perhaps acts_as_solr will be something Flare does as  
well, though mapping ActiveRecord objects to Solr is not currently  
something of strong interest to me personally.  With a slick enough  
Solr DSL, acts_as_solr could leverage it under the covers rather than  
doing the HTTP communication directly, or perhaps Flare could take  
over as the predominant way folks would wire Solr and ActiveRecord  
objects together?  I would at least like to see the lower-level Solr  
clients glue code to be maintained along with the Solr project, so  
things can be kept in sync and distributed together eventually even.

> I been playing around with ruby/rails for about a month and its fun!
> my thoughts were (i.e. after my playing around period) to create a
> frontend presentation framework and seems like you have already put
> the project into motion with flare :-) and it will be nice to
> collaborate and contribute.


> As you have already set things into motion I wonder if you have
> thought about how you would like to execute the presentation
> framework.. i.e do you have any frontend  rails app that I can start
> hacking away...

No, the Rails application isn't in place yet - that is going to  
evolve over the next few weeks.  Jump in, I need your help!

> Bottom line I am trying to figure out where and how
> should I start... I have gone through the flare wiki but I am bit
> confused cos script/server webrick to localhost:3000 gives me "link to
> wiki" and app/controller/ doesn't have any code as of todays checkout
> so I am not sure what I am missing from the wiki todo list... Maybe I
> am completely lost :=)

You're not lost at all... you've got the gist of it thus far.  My  
focus was to get some basic Solr API going, and build up the UI from  
there, in a strongly test-centric fashion.

> Are you planning to use the Solr Jira for issues? or will flare have
> its own jira?

We'll use the Solr JIRA.  Thanks for mentioning this - I just added a  
JIRA component called "clients - ruby -flare" under the Solr project,  
so we can file issues there.


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