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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: Solr Flare
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2007 21:55:07 GMT

All great questions.  My answers will be vague, since I'm still in  
the early stages of how this will work, but I'll provide what I can  

On Jan 3, 2007, at 2:28 PM, Zaheed Haque wrote:
> 1. Are you thinking of any user/password/my page/settings what not...
> for folksonomy/tagging etc..? i.e. user management/login logout etc?
> or you think the end provider should do this customization after
> downloading the app

First the application will be purely read-only, as the search and  
facet views get refined.  I see the tagging/annotating feature added  
much later, after the read-only stuff is good enough.

But, definitely, for tagging there will need to be user management  
features, a relational database, and various customizations.  How we  
build this into Flare remains to be seen.  I view the Flare  
application as a starting point, with the core functionality made as  
Rails plugins that could be added to any Rails application.

> 2. Will the rails app be language independent? i.e. using plugins like
> globalize, localize etc?

That's certainly a laudable goal.  So yeah, i18n-savvy would make sense.

> 3. Have you given any thought regarding Erubis an alternative to ERB
> .. Its a matter of speed..

This would be a later optimization.  I've not had any problems with  
ERB itself, so pulling in Erubis doesn't seem an immediate need.   
Again, Flare the web application will be a good starting point for  
folks that don't want to build a front-end themselves, but putting  
the functionality into plugins would allow folks to plug in the  
features into an existing Rails application.

We also have to consider the Apache Software License compatibility  
with any other libraries we pull in, at least for it to be in our  

> 4. Also are you thinking of any admin tool like (streamlined
> ) for managing the UI
> applications?

Streamlined would make since for the administrative interface, I  
think.  I'm good pals with Stu and Justin, and will be seeing them  
later this month.  I'll discuss it with them then.

> The above is actually somewhat true for any application on the web.. I
> just want to know will flare address the above .. or are you thinking
> that  the "End developer i.e. one who will download flare"  will do
> the above.. Or I guess better question would be "Will flare be a
> complete download and go app" or somewhat "app that needs modification
> further" :=).. of course anyone can customize anything its open..

I think I covered this above.  We'll have to all see how it evolves.   
I don't have it all planned out in my head, and that is one reason I  
kick started this publicly to solicit the collective expertise of the  
Solr/Ruby community.

> I appreciate your feedback... I  know I have more questions.. :=)  if
> you prefer I can send you mail directly..

Let's keep it here for all to see and participate in.

Thanks for your interest and questions.  I look forward to us all  
making solrb/Flare be the stuff we can't live without!


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