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From "David Halsted" <>
Subject Re: Seeking FAQs
Date Sat, 06 Jan 2007 15:25:24 GMT
I wonder what would happen if we used a clustering engine like Carrot
to categorize either the e-mails in the archive or the results of
searches against them?  Perhaps we'd find some candidates for the FAQ
that way.


On 1/5/07, Chris Hostetter <> wrote:
> Hey everybody,
> I was lookin at the FAQ today, and I realized it hasn't really changed
> much in the past year ... in fact, only two people besides myself have
> added questions (thanks Thorsten and Darren) in the entire time Solr
> has been in incubation -- which is not to say that Erik and Respaldo's
> efforts to fix my typo's aren't equally helpful :)
> In my experience, FAQs are one of the few pieces of documentation that are
> really hard for developers to write, because we are so use to dealing with
> the systems we work on, we don't allways notice when a question has been
> asked more then once or twice (unless it gets asked over and over and
> *over*).  The best source of FAQ updates tend to come from users who have
> a question, and either find the answer in the mailing list archives, or
> notice the same question asked by someone else later.
> So If there are any "gotchas" you remember having when you first started
> using Solr, or questions you've noticed asked more then once please feel
> free to add them to the wiki.  The Convention is to only add a question if
> you're also adding an answer, but even if you don't think a satisfactory
> answer has ever been given, or you're not sure how to best summarize
> multiple answers given in the past, just including links to
> instances in the mailing list archives where the question was asked is
> helpful -- both in the short term as pointers for people looking for help,
> and in the long term as starter points for people who want to flesh out a
> detailed answer.
> Thanks in advance for anyone who helps contribute to the FAQ!
> PS: Don't be shy about contributing to any of the other Wiki documentation
> that you think are lacking, that's why it's a wiki.

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