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From Walter Underwood <>
Subject Re: Using HTTP-Post for Queries
Date Fri, 19 Jan 2007 18:16:24 GMT
On 1/19/07 10:02 AM, "Brian Lucas" <> wrote:
> Walter Underwood wrote:
>> Use GET unless it really, really, really doesn't work. POST is
>> the wrong HTTP semantic for fetching information. Long query
>> strings are not a good enough reason. HTTP puts no limit on the
>> length of a URL.
> Walter, while your above statement may be true, some java app servers have
> an issue with the length of URLs and truncate after a certain point.  I ran
> into this issue back in April.

That sounds like a Jetty bug. It should either work or reply with
"414 Request-URI Too Long".

I've also seen security monitors flag long requests as potential
buffer overflow attacks. We had to change Ultraseek to stop sending
a proper (long) Accept header line because Black ICE was making
too many complaints. It was sad to dumb it down because of someone
else's broken software.

As an ex-spider maintainer, I strongly recommend that people
keep their HTTP semantics clean. When you do need to use POST,
at least comment it as a hack caused by external bugs or

Walter Underwood
Search Guru, Netflix

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