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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: Solr Flare
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2007 15:24:43 GMT
Based on a chat with an early adopter of Flare, we decided to split  
out the Ruby-Solr DSL sooner rather than later.  I've pulled out the  
library code into a separate directory under client/ruby/solrb ("rb"  
being the standard Ruby file extension).  Info for this library is here:


Flare will be the user interface that leverages solrb to communicate  
with Solr, though currently the Flare code is just an empty Rails  
generated application.  It'll start being useful very soon.  There  
are quite a few folks already dipping into this, so this all should  
evolve fairly quickly over the next few weeks.


>> On 1/2/07, Erik Hatcher <> wrote:
>>> I'm finally kicking off that long dreamed of Ruby/Solr DSL,  
>>> including
>>> an accompanying general purpose web interface to showcase the
>>> greatness of Solr's capabilities, including faceted browsing.  I've
>>> titled the project Flare, and have committed the bits of low-level
>>> code into Solr's repository.  The gory details are on the wiki,  
>>> here:
>>>         <>
>>> I'm dedicating the next couple of months of spare time to this in
>>> order to have it ready for a couple of big projects, one is to
>>> demonstrate a faceted browsing front-end on our libraries holdings
>>> (~3.7M records), and also to have a framework for even more easily
>>> demonstrating and teaching Lucene and Solr to a bunch of library  
>>> geeks
>>> [1].
>>> For the Ruby-savvy of you out there, I'd love to have help in
>>> crafting a Ruby Solr DSL suitable for "gem install", and fleshing  
>>> out
>>> a general purpose API and UI.  As for collaboration, it'll be via
>>> JIRA patches, wiki, and this e-mail list, and we'll go from there.
>>> Thanks in advance!
>>>         Erik
>>> [1]

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