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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Question about similarity manipulation...
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2007 05:53:26 GMT

: The DisjunctionMaxQuery seems to yield the maximum score only. From my

NOTE: by setting the "tiebreaker" value of a DisjunctionMaxQuery to "1.0"
it generates the sum of the scores

: understanding, I would
: need to do the following -
: (1) Create a new similarity function
: (2) Write a new Query class extension
: (3) Need to write a new linear function ??

you'll definitely need a new similarity class with a custom tf and
queryNorm function.  I don't think you'd need a new QUewry class .. what
you are looking for should be fairly straight forward to impliment using
BooleanQueries, TermQueries, and FunctionQueries.  You shouldn't need to
write a new linear function ValueSource -- i can't think of why the
current one wouldn't work for you.

the java-user@lucene list is a good place to ask general questions about
customizing Scoring by writting your own Similarity, and it has a larger
user base then the solr lists.


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