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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: specifying dataDir on launch of jetty
Date Tue, 09 Jan 2007 06:03:39 GMT

I don't think there is anyway to do what you describe at the moment ...
SOLR-79 was an attempt at allowing variabes representing system
properties to be used in the solrconfig.xml, but it hasn't been commited
because it's an incomplete solution.

what you could do, is create a seperate Solr "home" dir for each user,
each containing symlinks to your master files for the various subdirs
(conf, bin, lib) *except* data which you leve as a real directory.

: I would like to specify the solr dataDir on launch of jetty via java -
: jar start.jar instead of editing the solrconfig.xml before launching.
: I've tried java -Dsolr.dataDir=/x/y/z -jar start.jar but it seems to
: have no effect -- it starts with the solrconfig.xml default.
: Use case is that I would like to deploy solr to other users with the
: data dir going in their home directories.. setting the dataDir in
: solrconfig.xml to ~/solrdata does not work (the ~ does not get
: expanded on this OSX system.)


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