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From "Ryan McKinley" <>
Subject Dynamic RequestHandler loading
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2007 21:02:49 GMT
I know I'm pushing solr to do things it was never designed to do, so
shut me up quick if this is not where you want things to go - I could
quietly implement this with quick hacks, but i'd rather not...

Currently SolrCore loads all the request handlers in a final variable
as the instance is initialized:

private final RequestHandlers reqHandlers = new

This is a little strange because forces the request handlers to be
loaded as the instance is initialized - not in a more appropriate
place like after initWriters() in the constructor.  The bad side
affects to this are that handlers can not know about the schema or
config directory in the init() method.  They are forced to do some
sort of lazy loading.

The other thing I would like is to be able to dynamically register
handlers.  For example, i have one handler that wants to register 6
related handlers (each one maps a different action - it only makes
sense to have them as a collection).  While i could put six entries in
solrconfig, this will quickly become unruly.

How do you feel about:

1. move the request handler initialization into the constructor after

2. Exposing the following functions in SolrCore:

 // this already exists
  SolrRequestHandler getRequestHandler(String handlerName);

 // this will register the handler and return whatever used to be at
that path (or null)
  SolrRequestHandler registerRequestHandler(String handlerName,
SolrRequestHandler )

 // get all the registered handlers by class
  Collection<SolrRequestHandler> getRequestHandlers( Class<? extends,
SolrRequestHandler> clazz );

3. Give request handlers a standard way to know what path/name they
are registered to.  The simplest way i can think to do this is to add
parameters to the NamedList passed to init()



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