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From Jed Reynolds <>
Subject Re: merely a suggestion: schema.xml validator or better schema validation logging
Date Sat, 03 Mar 2007 06:01:21 GMT
Ryan McKinley wrote:
>> I almost didn't notice the exception fly by because there's soooo much
>> log output, and I can see why I might not have noticed. Yay for
>> scrollback! (Hrm, I might not have wanted to watch logging for 4
>> instances of solr all at once. Might explain why so much logging.)
> This has bitten me more then once too!
> The rationale with the solrconfig stuff is that a broken config should
> behave as best it can.  This is great if you are running a real site
> with people actively using it - it is a pain in the ass if you are
> getting started and don't notice errors.
> I'd like to see a "strict" configuration parameter.  If something
> fails on startup, nothing would work until it was fixed.  If there is
> any interest, I can put this together.

That would be helpful.

> The other one that can confuse you is if you add documents with fields
> that are undefined - rather then getting an error, solr adds the
> fields that are defined (it may print out an exception somewhere, but
> i've never noticed it)

I've read about this capability but I haven't experienced it's effects yet.

>> Another helpful modification would be returning 500 errors codes in the
>> header. ...
> The 'new' RequestHandler framework (apache-solr-1.2-dev) returns a
> proper response code (400,500,etc).  It is not (yet) the default
> handler for /select, but I hope it gets to be soon.

Bitchen! Looking forward to that.

However, I've got a lot more learning and testing to do. Don't rush 
anything on account of me.


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