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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: merely a suggestion: schema.xml validator or better schema validation logging
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2007 21:08:12 GMT

: I had <mm> (minimum match) blow up at query time with a number
: format exception (this is from memory).

That's a RequestHandler specific request param that can also be specified
as a default/invarient/appended init param ... i'm not sure that SolrCore
could do much to validate that when parsing the solrconfig.xml.
DisMaxRequestHandler could possible throw an exception from it's init
method if it sees param it recognizes but can't parse ... but that's a
dangerous road to go down ... what if i want to subclass
DisMaxRequestHandler and change hte format of the "mm" param?

One thing you could do to ensure that your RequestHandler configuration
makes sense without waiting for an error generated by a request, is to put
in some explicit cache warming as part of the firstSearcher listener that
hits each configured requestHandler with the minimal amount of input you
expect ...  then you'll see an error in your log immediately

: I had silent a error that I can't remember the details of, but it
: was something like putting the <str> for boost functions outside
: the <lst>. It didn't blow up, but it was a nonsense config that
: was accepted.

again, there's nothing erroneous about having a <str> outside of a <lst>
when specifing the init params of a RequestHandler as far as SolrCore is
concerned ... it has no idea what types of init params the RequestHandler
wants ... and the StandardRequestHandler could say that if it sees
any top level init params which aren't "defaults", "invarients" or
"appended" then it could complain ... but again: what if i subclass
StandardRequestHandler and i want to add some custom init param to
determine behavior in my subclass?


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