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From "Will Johnson" <wjohn...@GETCONNECTED.COM>
Subject RE: Automatically enumerating facets: is it possible?
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2007 14:59:30 GMT
This is an interesting question.  Having worked at 2 of the major
enterprise search software vendors for the last 6 years I can say that
most all other engines out there do in fact handle this by default
however they do it at the expense of having to define all the fields you
want facets on before building the index.  Then if you want to add a
field later for faceting, guess what, you get to reindex all of your

Solr's model however seems to be much nicer in that you can define on
the fly what facets you want on a query by query basis and even allow
'users' to define their own facets.  (if you were crazy or have a
suitably small index) of course)

If all you want is some nice shorthand to turn on a pre-configured set
of facets you can set default on the standard / dismax request handlers
or write your own.

- will

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From: Paul Battley [] 
Sent: Tuesday, April 24, 2007 10:34 AM
Subject: Automatically enumerating facets: is it possible?

I'm using Solr's facet-searching features to drill down into a
selection of documents, and I want to find the available sub-facets at
each stage, as explained on the wiki.

For example, if I have facets fields x and y, I can pass the following
parameters to enumerate the possible values for those fields:


I then get something like (XML noise removed):
    foo: 17
    bar: 6
    baz: 3
    quux: 2

However, what I really want is for Solr to work this out
automatically, obviating the requirement to pass in x and y in the
query. I can't find any mention of the capability to do this, and yet
it seems like something that Solr might be able to do.

Can it be done?


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