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From "Will Johnson" <wjohn...@GETCONNECTED.COM>
Subject unused fields
Date Wed, 25 Apr 2007 18:53:30 GMT
Is there any way to make Solr not throw an Exception when unknown field
names are submitted as a part of an otherwise valid document?  Ie. I
have field named 'foo' in my document but it's not in my schema.  For
various bookkeeping / tracking purposes I need to annotate the documents
with extra info as they make their way to Solr.  However, I'd like to
avoid going back to clean up all those extra fields before sending them
to solr.

I took a peek at the DocumentBuilder and it seems to suggest that a very
conscious decision was made on this topic:

Line ~94
// error if this field name doesn't match anything
if (sfield==null && (destArr==null || destArr.length==0)) {
  throw new SolrException(400,"ERROR:unknown field '" + name + "'");

I'm happy to submit a patch + config option for this but I figured I'd
ask first to see if someone has really strong opinions about it... so I
can share my equally strong opinions with them.

- will

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