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From Koji Sekiguchi <>
Subject Re: about cache
Date Thu, 26 Apr 2007 14:55:13 GMT
I think cumulative_ counters are the total count of successive 
SolrIndexSearchers' cache.
For example, you have a registered searcher and you see:

inserts: 1
cumulative_inserts: 1

Then you update your index and do commit, you got a new searcher.
At this moment, non cumulative_ counters come to zero.
Then you search something and you could see:

inserts: 1
cumulative_inserts: 2

And if you have enough room for inserting new entries, evictions
might be zero. To see none zero evictions, you can set
a small size for queryResultCache and try to issue many unique queries.
For example, set the size to 1, then issue 2 unique queries, then
you can see evictions: 1.



James liu wrote:
> now i use admin gui to moniter cache config
> i don't know the difference betwin cumulative_ and no *cumulative_* 
> ,,,like
> cumulative_inserts and inserts
> and i find evictions always show zero....i m curious when it will 
> change and
> its meaning

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