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From "Mike Klaas" <>
Subject Re: Look ahead queries
Date Fri, 04 May 2007 01:04:45 GMT
On 5/3/07, Ge, Yao (Y.) <> wrote:
> I am planning to develop look ahead queries with Solr so that as user
> type query terms a list of related terms is shown in a popup window
> (similar to Google suggest). It will be a little AJAX type calls to Solr
> with wildcards. So if user types "fuel", a look ahead query will be sent
> to solr in form of "fuel *". User will end-up seeing relevant terms like
> "fuel consumption", "fuel leaks", "fuel tank" etc showing up. In this

Solr (nor Lucene) support queries of this form.  You could accomplish
something similar by iterating over the termdocs of the documents
returned from a regular "fuel" term query, though.

> case, I will likely to limit queries to certain fields only and some
> post processing is required to get a final list of suggestion. Let me
> know if someone has already done this and there are better ways or
> suggestions to accomplish this. I figured solr's caching will make this
> type of application more efficient than a straight Lucene integration.

I'm not sure if Solr's caching will help you in this regard (then
again, I don't know exactly what you're planning on doing).

Typically, the feature you are talking about is implemented by
analyzing query logs, which are a much more relevant corpus than the
raw documents in this context.  I suggest focusing your efforts in
that direction (possibly checking to see if someone has doing this
with lucene already...)


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