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From Ryan McKinley <>
Subject Re: Delete from Solr index...
Date Tue, 01 May 2007 08:44:56 GMT
escher2k wrote:
> Thanks Ryan. I need to use query since I am deleting a range of documents.
>>>From your
> comment, I wasn't sure if one doesn't need to do an explicit commit when
> using delete by query.
> Does delete by query not need an explicit commit.

delete by query causes a commit *before* it executes...  I think you 
still need one after.  From the javadoc:

"deleteByQuery causes a commit to happen (close current index writer, 
open new index reader) before it can be processed.  If deleteByQuery 
functionality is needed, it's best if they can be batched and executed 
together so they may share the same index reader."

I don't quite know what "batched" means since it only reads one command...

> Thanks.
> ryan mckinley wrote:
>> escher2k wrote:
>>> I am trying to remove documents from my index using "delete by query".
>>> However when I did this, the deleted
>>> items seem to remain. This is the format of the XML file I am using -
>>> <delete><query>load_id:20070424150841</query></delete>
>>> <delete><query>load_id:20070425145301</query></delete>
>>> <delete><query>load_id:20070426145301</query></delete>
>>> <delete><query>load_id:20070427145302</query></delete>
>>> <delete><query>load_id:20070428145301</query></delete>
>>> <delete><query>load_id:20070429145301</query></delete>
>>> When I do the deletes individually, it seems to work (i.e. create each of
>>> the above in a separate file). Does this
>>> mean that each delete query request has to be executed separately ?
>> correct, delete (unlike <add>) only accepts one command.
>> Just to note, if "load_id" is your unique key, you could also use:
>>   <delete><id>20070424150841</id></delete>
>> This will give you better performance and does not commit the changes 
>> until you explicitly send <commit/>

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