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From Koji Sekiguchi <>
Subject Re: question about FederatedSearch on wiki
Date Wed, 09 May 2007 02:18:04 GMT

Thank you for your answer. With your answer, I'll reread yonik's article 
and try to understand his idea.

Why I'm interested in it because I have a customer and they will use 
Solr to serve a good many
documents. We expect we need to implement federated search function
in a year as the contents grow on a day to day.

One of my co-worker has been implementing a federated search on try and 
error basis.
I'll review the program in next week and if it is fine, we'll post it on 
JIRA in order to
get feedbacks from community as my customer is hoping.

Thank you again,


Chris Hostetter wrote:
> :
> : I'm interested in FederatedSearch on wiki:
> :
> :
> :
> : I would like to understand the design concept of this article properly,
> : and I have some questions:
> i think so far that page has just been yonik's scratch pad for ideas, so
> you may not get any detailed answers to your questions until he gets back
> from vaction
> : 1. What does "multi-step" mean?
> : e.g.
> : Nice to haves:
> : Retain ability to have complex *multi-step* query handler plugins
> i believe that is refering to the ability for a request handler to take
> two operations using the underlying API, and know that the results of
> those operations will make sense relative eachother: ie, do a search, get
> results back, then get facet count info and get numbers that make sense
> given the results of hte search.
> : 2. It seems that "consistency" is one of key concept in Complex Federation,
> : but I don't really understand it. In other words, I don't understand
> : what inconvenience we will face if the request handler doesn't guarantee
> : that the view of the index does not change during a single request.
> consider the example above, you could wind up telling a user that there
> are 345,678 results for their search, and 876,543 of those results are in
> the "books" category (if lots of docs get added to the index in the middle
> of hte request)
> : 3. Will SolrMultiSearcher have caches? (filter, queryResult, and document)
> that's like asking if the 2011 Dodge Viper will be a Hybrid-Electic or
> bio-diesel ... it's just a concept at the moment, with no concrete design
> or prototype, who knows what it will be.
> -Hoss

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