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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Multiple fq fields in URL
Date Sun, 06 May 2007 01:43:23 GMT

first off, please have a little patience when sending mai lto the mailing
list ... 17 hours between "reposting" isn't relaly a lot ... especially on
a weekend, when many people are out of hte country for a confrence, and
i'm sick :)

On to your question...

: fq=+popularity:[10 TO *] +section:0
: is equivalent to
: fq=popularity:[10 TO *]&fq=section:0

: But is the first line a valid URL with the space before the +?

it's not really valid in the "meets the RFC" sense, it's mainly for
illustrative purposes ... you could type that into your browser and it
would probably work, but to be more strict we should be explicit...

  is equivalent to

... but isn't the version o nthe wiki a bit more readable?

: The problem with the second line is that fq shows up multiple times.
: In the web framework I am using, URL arguments are parsed and
: converted into a dictionary and only the last value is used.

i'm not sure what do tell you about that, other then that it sounds
like your web framework sucks.  multi valued params are extremely common,
and i can't imagine a web framework not supporting them.


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