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From Mike Klaas <>
Subject Re: Filter Search!
Date Mon, 23 Jul 2007 18:35:02 GMT
On 23-Jul-07, at 7:46 AM, John Ni wrote:

> Hi all,
>      The root of this posting regarding "Filter Search" might sound  
> specific to the embedded solr mode but if anyone has experience  
> handle the similar situation with different implementations,  
> multiple subtype filter search( I might not be using the right  
> words to describe it but please look at the root of this thread to  
> understand the case) please suggest me how to handle those kind of  
> situation.  So far I have able to use the javascript to create the  
> query syntax before sending it to my servlet.  My javascript  
> creates, for example, the following string:
>   ?q=xyz&fq=subject:Math+English$fq=grade:junior+senior
>   then send this string to servlet to handle the query.  But just  
> wondering, is there the other way to handle the same issue.   
> Looking forward to hearing any comments/suggestion.


The problem is that your query/filter syntax is incorrect.

subject:Math English

does _not_ search for subject=Math OR subject=English.  It searches  
for subject=Math OR 'English' in the default search field.

You need to use
subject:Math subject:English
subject:(Math English)


> Mike Klaas <> wrote:
> On 21-Jul-07, at 11:19 PM, John Ni wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I have a question regarding filter Search with the subset: Let
>> say, I have the following form
>> Search article [xyz]
>> Subject: {x] Math [X]English [ ] Science
>> Grade: [ ] freshman [x] junior [x]senior
>> so the query syntax would be q=xyz&fq=Subject:Math
>> +English&fq=Grade:junior+senior
>> Basically, I'm seaching for the article containg "xyz" in either
>> in Math or English subject for either junior or senior grade.
>> Currenlty, I'm trying EmbeddedSolr
>> EmbeddedSolr , but I having a hard time implementing above filter
>> search. I was just wonder anybody had implemented similar case
>> using EmbeddedSolr or any other method. If anybody has any idea/
>> suggestion please let this newbie know.
> I'm not sure what is the canonical way of passing parameters in
> embedded mode, but the main problem is likely the values of your
> parameters. you probably want:
> Subject:(Math English)
> Grade:(junior senior)
> -Mike
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