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From Alexandru Badiu <>
Subject Getting all records using dismax
Date Thu, 26 Jul 2007 14:11:43 GMT

Since it's my first email to this list I want to say thank you for a  
wonderful piece of software.

Now, onto more serious business. :) I switched from the standard  
request handler to the dismax one to use boosting. Using the std one  
I was using a q=*:* to retrieve all records from solr. This approach  
doesn't work with dismax however. Nor [* TO *] or field_id:[* TO *].

I saw there was a discussion about this in February and I was  
wondering if there's been any changes. Can I retrieve all records  
using dismax? I could use the std one when there's no query but we're  
building a white-label portal which should boost specific fields all  
the time, fields which are not fixed (each partner will have it's own  
boosted fields).

Best regards,
Alexandru Badiu

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