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From "David Whalen" <>
Subject faceting on multiple columns
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2007 21:36:54 GMT
Hi All.

I am using facets to help me build an ajax-driven tree for
search results.  When the search is first run, all I need to
do is show the counts per facet, for example

search results for "fred"
+--A (102)
+--B (234)
+--C (721)
+--D (512)

sounds simple, but I also need to break-down the results from
"D" by a different index in lucene:

search results for "fred"
+--A (102)
+--B (234)
+--C (721)
+--D (512)
  +--D1 (19)
  +--D2 (34)
  +--D3 (45)

what I have been doing in my solr querystring looks like this:


Unfortunately we're seeing really bad performance and we're
constantly running out of heap space on this type of query.

So, my question is, would breaking this into two calls perform
better?  That is,


and then



It seems to me that two calls would have more overhead than one,
but it might lessen the impact on the heap space on my server.

Anyone work enough with facets to throw in their two cents?


Dave W.

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