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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: How to use AND / OR with DismaxRequestHandler?
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2007 15:52:44 GMT

dismax is designed for usecases like...

  * users enter a handfull of words (albino elephant gift)
  * users enter some words, with prefixes indicating some
    are required and some are prohibited (albino +elephand -gift)
  * users enter words or phrases ("albino elephant" gift)

as far as AND/OR/NOT type logic, if it's the user telling you what they
want (ie: this term must be there, this term can't be there) that's where
the +/- syntax comes in;  if it's a question of "how much flexibility
should i allow for matching on the terms that aren't
mandatory/prohibited?" that's where the "mm" option comes in.

: >

i *just* updated that wiki page on friday with some specifics on the
params and usage ... but by all means anyone else out there using
dismax, *PLEASE* update it as you see fit to help explain how it works and
how to use it.


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