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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Not enough space
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2007 05:04:55 GMT

: I set up solr1.2 to run snapshooter each time after a commit/optimize.
: It worked fine for a while, but later I got the error message below
: after sending the commit request. It seems jboss(4.0.GA) had problem
: running snapshooter. The index size is 290m, the file system that solr
: data directory is on has 2g free space. The swap space(/tmp) has 420m

The message from the native code used by your JVM to do the forkAndExec
seems to be a little missleading, googling for "IOException: Not enough
space forkAndExec" turned up a bunch of examples where people have seem to
have run into similar problems and the root cause is not enough swap.

You may have 420MB of swap available, and your index size may only be
290MB but the size of your index isn't the issue -- what matters is that
in order to to exec shapshooter, the JVM has to fork first, which causes
your OS to make a copy of all the memory allocated to your JVM -- so
whatever your heap size is, unless you have that much free mem at the time
the forkAndExec call is made, it will try to use swap, if that much swap
isn't available, it will fail with this error.


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