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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Need question to configure Log4j for solr
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2007 18:34:55 GMT

: the troubles comes when you integrate third-party stuff depending on
: log4j (as I currently do). Having said this you have a strong point when
: looking at

there have been several discussions baout changing the logger used by Solr
... the best summation i can give to these discussions is:

  * JDK logging is universal
  * using any other logging framework would add a dependency without
    adding functionality
  * there are too many differnet frameworks, each with their own pros/cons
    supporters/objectors that switching to any of them would be an uphill
    social battle as well as an code effort expenditure.
  * as a webapp, Solr runs ina Servlet Container - any third party
    logging framework we may pick to use could have bad interaction with
    some Servlet Containers (ie: classloader issues, etc...) but all
    servlet containers must be able to handle JDK logging.

Some reading that should be considered mandatory before any futher

Specificly with regard to commons-logging, note the last paragraph of this

"...In fact, there are very limited circumstances in which Commons Logging
is useful. If you're building a stand-alone application, don't use
commons-logging. ..."


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