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From Matthew Runo <>
Subject Re: updates on the server
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2007 18:56:16 GMT
On a related note, it'd be great if we could set up a series of  
transformations to be done on data when it comes into the index,  
before being indexed. I guess a custom tokenizer might be the best  
way to do this though..?


-Data is cleaned up, properly escaped, etc
-Then data is passed to whatever tokenizer we want to use.

  | Matthew Runo
  | Zappos Development
  | 702-943-7833

On Sep 3, 2007, at 7:10 AM, Erik Hatcher wrote:

> On Sep 3, 2007, at 12:22 AM, James O'Rourke wrote:
>> Is there a way to pass the solr server a set of documents without  
>> all the fields present and only update the fields that are  
>> provided leaving the remaining document fields intact or do I need  
>> to pull those documents over the wire myself and do the update  
>> manual and then add them back to the index?
> With Solr currently you cannot update a specific field, you have to  
> re-send the entire document to replace the existing one.  However,  
> preliminary support for such capability has been contributed here:  
> - this is not in its  
> final form, so this is to use at your own risk given the caveats  
> listed in that issue about concurrency.
> I'm currently using the patch I posted to that issue in a  
> production environment and its working fine thus far, but it will  
> change in at least core ways and likely request parameter and  
> formatting ways before making its debut in Solr's trunk.
> 	Erik

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