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From "Ravish Bhagdev" <>
Subject Indexing longer documents using Solr...memory issue after index grows to about 800 MB...
Date Tue, 04 Sep 2007 23:50:22 GMT

The problem:

- I have about 11K html documents to index.
- I'm trying to index these documents (along with 3 more small string
fields) so that when I search within the "doc" field (field with the
html file content), I can get results with snippets or highlights as I
get when using nutch.
- While going through Wiki I noticed that if I need to do highlighting
in a particular field, I have to make sure it is indexed and stored.

But when I try to do the above, after indexing about 3K files which
creates index of about 800MB (which is fine as files are quite
lengthy) it keeps giving out of heap space errors.

Things I've tried without much help:

- Increase memory of tomcat
- Play around with settings like autoCommit (documents and time)
- Reducing mergefactor to 5
- Reducing maxBufferedDocs to 100

My question is also, if its required to store fields in index to be
able to do highlighting/returning field content, how does nutch/lucene
do it without that (because index for same documents created using
nutch is much much smaller)

But also when trying to query partially added documents, when I set
field highlight on (and a particular field) it doesn't seem to have
any effect.

As you can see I'm very confused how to proceed.  I hope I'm being
clear though :-S


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