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From "Ronald K. Braun" <>
Subject Simple sorting questions
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2007 17:37:10 GMT
Pardon the basicness of these questions, but I'm just getting started
with SOLR and have a couple of confusions regarding sorting that I
couldn't resolve based on the docs or an archive search.

1. There appears to be (at least) two ways to specify sorting, one
involving an append to the q parm and the other using the sort parm.
Are these exactly equivalent?


2. The docs say that sorting can only be applied to non-multivalued
fields.  Does this mean that sorting won't work *at all* for
multi-valued fields or only that the behaviour is indeterminate?
Based on a brief test, sorting a multi-valued field appeared to work
by picking an arbitrary value when multiple values are present and
using that for the sort.  I wanted to confirm that the expected
behaviour is indeed to sort on something (with no guarantees as to
what), as opposed to, say, dropping the record, putting the record
with multi-values at the end with the missing valued records, or
something else entirely.



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