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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Discovering RequestHandler parameters at runtime
Date Thu, 08 Nov 2007 17:07:53 GMT

: > Is there anyway to interrogate a RequestHandler to discover what parameters
: > it supports at runtime?  Kind of like a BeanInfo for RequestHandlers?  Has

: Also, check:

Yeah, that wiki is as far as i ever got.  note that it vastly predates a 
lot of the LukeRequestHandler type stuff and even the general additude of 
moving more towards RequestHandlers as general processing units of solr 
for handling all requests (even admin style requests)

Note that while it might be handy to have something like BeanInfo where 
the *class* tells you what params it supports, the important feature would 
be something where the *instance* tells you what params it supports, 
because it won't want to advertise params that it has invariants set for.  
(i touch on this in that wiki)

Ultimatley i think it would be good if RequestHandlers implemented a 
method that returned a big data structure containing everything they 
wanted to "advertise" about themselves. and most of the admin screen and 
the "form.jsp" in the current codebase got replaced by a 
"FormRequestHandler" that would inspect the SolrCore for a list of all 
RequestHandlers that were advertising themselves and create forms for 


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