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Subject Re: Update schema.xml without restarting Solr?
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2008 13:45:02 GMT
Quoting Daniel Papasian <>:

> wrote:
>> Quoting Jeryl Cook <>:
>>> 2. Make the "schema.xml" configurable at runtime, not really sure the
>>> best way to address this, because changing the schema would require
>>> "re-indexing" the documents.
>> Isn't the best way to address this just to leave it to the persons that
>> integrate solr into their system? I mean, if a change in the schema only
>> effects 1% of all documents, then it's a bad idea to reindex them all
>> (at least if the dataset is big).
> Or if you're adding a new field to the schema (perhaps the most common
> need for editing schema.xml), you don't need to reindex any documents at
> all, right?  Unless I'm missing something?

Well, it all depends on if that "field" (not solar/lucene field)  
exists on the already indexed material, but that particular field was  
never indexed. Lets say that we have a bunch of articles, that has a  
field "author" that someone decided  that it doesn't need to be in the  
index. But then later he changes his mind, and add the author field to  
the schema. In this case all articles that has a populated author  
field should now be reindexed.

> I suppose if you add a new dynamic field specification that conflicts
> with existing fields, reindexing is probably a good idea, but if you're
> doing that... well, I probably don't want to know.

I must say that I'm abit confused by these dynamic fields. Can someone  
tell me if there is any reasonable use of dynamic fields without  
having the "variable type" (for example i for int/sint) in the name?


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