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From Ryan McKinley <>
Subject Re: Question about facet.prefix usage
Date Fri, 07 Mar 2008 05:34:27 GMT
steve berry wrote:
> Question: Is it possible to pass complex queries to facet.prefix? 
> Example instead of facet.prefix:foo I want facet.prefix:foo OR 
> facet.prefix:bar

No (unless you want to write your own SimpleFacets subclass)

> The multivalued market_category fields are flattened relational data 
> attributed to that business and I want to use those values for facted 
> navigation /but/ I want the facets to be restricted depending on what 
> products the user has access to. For example a user may have access to 
> sanfrancisco_2007 and sanfrancisco_2006 data but nothing else.

perhaps you could have two fields: city and year

then to limit access to 2006 or 2007, you would add a filter query: 
fq=year:2006 OR year:2007


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