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From "Binkley, Peter" <>
Subject RE: Accented search
Date Tue, 11 Mar 2008 15:37:06 GMT
We've done this in a pre-Solr Lucene context by using the position increment: when a token
contains accented characters, you add a stripped version of that token with a zero increment,
so that for matching purposes the original and the stripped version are at the same position.
Accents are not stripped from queries. The effect is that an accented search matches your
Doc A, and an unaccented search matches Docs A and B. We do that after lower-casing the token.

There are some limitations: users might start to expect that they can freely add accents to
restrict their search to accented hits, but if they don't match the accents exactly they won't
get any hits: e.g. if a word contains two accented characters and the user only accents one
of them in their query, they won't match the accented or the unaccented version. 


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From: climbingrose [] 
Sent: Monday, March 10, 2008 10:01 PM
Subject: Accented search

Hi guys,

I'm running to some problems with accented (UTF-8) language. I'd love to hear some ideas about
how to use Solr with those languages. Basically, I want to achieve what Google did with UTF-8

My requirements including:
1) Accent insensitive search and proper highlighting:
  For example, we have 2 documents:

  Doc A (title:Lập Trình Viên)
  Doc B (title:Lap Trinh Vien)

  if the user enters "Lập Trình Viên", then Doc B is also matched and "Lập Trình Viên"
is highlighted.
  On the other hand, if the query is "Lap Trinh Vien", Doc A is also matched.
2) Assign proper scores to accented or non-accented searches:
  if the user enters "Lập Trình Viên", then Doc A should be given higher score than DOC
  if the query is "Lap Trinh Vien", Doc A should be given higher score.

Any ideas guys? Thanks in advance!


Cuong Hoang
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