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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Get Config / Schema, 1.3-dev Broken?
Date Sun, 02 Mar 2008 08:02:46 GMT

: add:
:   <requestHandler name="/admin/"
: class="org.apache.solr.handler.admin.AdminHandlers" />

Actually, this seems like a legitimate bug to me ... 1.3 should work fine 
for people using 1.2 configs, and the links on the admin screen should 
work for people regardless of their config -- that may be tricky in cases 
where they register multiple instances of the ShowFileRequestHandler, or 
no instances, but for the simple compatibility case of a solrconfig.xml 
that has a <gettableFiles> section, and does not already have an instance 
of ShowFileRequestHandler registered, why don't we auto register one for 
them using the <gettableFiles> list?

: This is using a requestHandler rather then a jsp file...  CHANGES.txt exaplins
: this too

there isn't currently anything about this in the "Upgrading from Solr 1.2" 
section of CHANGES.txt ... i think we should fix this to be backwards 
compatible, but if we don't we should call it out as a specific task 
people need to do when upgrading.  I'll open a Jira to track it.

: > Recently, using the latest SVN code, it seems that the links to view the
: > schema & config files have been broken.
: > 
: > Urls such as /solr/admin/file/?file=solrconfig.xml result in a 404 error.
: > Has anyone else noticed this behavior? I just wanted to point it out if so.


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