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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Question regarding Solr ranking
Date Sun, 02 Mar 2008 22:56:05 GMT
: I am not really clear to what the analysis mode is supposed to give me. It
: requires me to specify a field when I specify a query. What does that do?
: Also, I don't see anything in the analyzer to explain the weighting of a
: particular document.

i think what Otis ment is that the analysis tool would help you verify 
that your Analyzers are doing what you expect them to be doing.

If you try that with your locRvwText and the text you are asking about you 
would see that RemoveDuplicatesTokenFilterFactory does not make it the 
same as a single instance of "Pizza" ... per the docs...

	"Filters out any tokens which are at the same logical position 
	in the tokenstream as a previous token with the same text. ..."

so it isn't removing any tokens in your situation because they do not 
existing in the same logical position.


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