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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: what's the schedule of the release of solr 1.3?
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2008 07:45:13 GMT

: Even if it is not a release , if we can have a milestone build (not a
: release) we can start our QA on that.
: We can do without all the latest and greatest features (distributed
: search etc)  .

I don't really understand this sentiment.  Anyone is free to create any 
builds they want at any point and do anything they want with them -- I 
could make a build for you right now based on the latest trunk (r632966) 
and call it the "SOLR-492 milestone build" but how is that anymore helpful 
then you picking your own version based on the features and bug fixes you 
actaully care about and making your own "milestone build" to test against?

Lance's suggestion that people using various trunk builds (who consider 
them "stable enough") report back on which svnversion they built from is a 
great one -- i would happily through out a data point if i were using a 
trunk build anywhere in production, but i don't see how a community 
"milestone" build makes anysense when every commit is a milestone in one 
form or another.

: >  > An alternative would be for someone to give a subversion checkout number
: >  >  against 1.3-dev which represents a solid working checkout.
: >  >
: >  >  There are a lot of people using 1.3-dev in production, could you all please
: >  >  tell us what checkout number you are using?


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