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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: boost ignored with wildcard queries
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2008 21:07:06 GMT

: >  Using the StandardRequestHandler, it appears that the index boost values are
: >  ignored when the query has a wildcard in it.   For example, if I have 2
: >  <doc>'s and one has a boost of 1.0 and another has a boost of 10.0, then I
: >  do a search for "bob*", both records will be returned with the same score of
: >  1.0.   If I just do a normal search then the <doc> that has the higher boost
: >  has the higher score as expected.

: A feature :-)
: Solr uses ConstantScoreRangeQuery and ConstantScorePrefixQuery to
: avoid getting exceptions from too many terms.

Hmmm... except for the fact that the name would be even more missleading, 
there's really no performance related reason why ConstantScoreRangeQuery 
and ConstantScorePrefixQuery couldn't use the fieldNorms (if they exist) 
when computing the score.  the "constant score" part of their names 
refered to not doing term expansion to find tf/idf factors ... but the 
doc/field/length info encoded into the norms could still be factored into 
the score fairly efficiently.

this would be something to submit as apatch to Lucene-Java if anyone is 


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