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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: How to search multiphrase or a middle term in a word???
Date Mon, 10 Mar 2008 23:33:23 GMT

:   As i explored i didnt correctly understood the behaviour of NGrim
: Tokenizer.
:   I want to know the usage and the configuration in code using NGrim
: Tokenizer.
:   Please help me out.

The min and max options are really all the configuration there is -- for 
your purpose they should be the same, "1" might make sense, or if wnat a 
minimum length thta you allow people to search on you might want something 

The best way to understand what's happening and why is to play arround 
with the Analysis Tool so you can get a sense of how the NGramTokenizer is 
breaking up your indexed text.  Then use debugQuery=true when you issue 
your queries to see what the queries themselves look like -- they should 
be "phrases" of single character "words".

It may be that you need to add a LowercaseFilter or remove a StopFilter 
from your FieldType to get the behavior you want -- the analysis tool will 
help you figure that out.


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