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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: ranged queries concerning 2 fields, each are multivalued
Date Mon, 10 Mar 2008 23:38:39 GMT

here is no way out of the box to achieve what you are asking for with the 
schema as you have it setup.  possible ways of implementing something like 
this have been discussed on the mailing list in the past, but it would 
require some extensive java coding.

one key option to consider is to rethink how you structure your documents 
... you currently have one document per seminar, perhaps instead (or 
inadditio) you should have one document her seminar instance.

you can still have a document per seminar containing all of the times that 
seinar is held, and filter on these types of documents for the 
purposes of generic searchinglisting/faceting of data that isn't instance 
specific -- but when doing the time based restrictions you describe, you 
could switch to a differnet document type where each instance has it's own 
document, and the start/end fields are single value.

: however this does not work for the query " start<12.0<end"  - it finds the
: example data above, which is incorrect.  This is because the "start" value
: is not "glued" to the specific "end" value. 
: Is there anyway to achieve this? by schema, or data... sorry about the odd
: example but we do need to model our data in such way in our application.


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