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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Highlighting Default Fields
Date Tue, 11 Mar 2008 00:57:12 GMT

: However, I am doing a DisMax query and when I debug it shows that it is
: falling back on the default field in the schema, not the qf fields.  Looking
: at the code in SolrHighlighter confirms this.  Is it a bug or should I change
: the wiki (or both)?

it is suppose to work that way.  In 1.2 you can see this code arround line 
362 of

      /* * * Highlighting/Summarizing  * * */
      if(HighlightingUtils.isHighlightingEnabled(req) && parsedUserQuery != null)
        String[] highFields = queryFields.keySet().toArray(new String[0]);
        NamedList sumData =

when dismaxed was changed to a subclass of standard request handler, the 
field selection seems to have been migrated to 
DisMaxQParserPlugin.getDefaultHighlightFields() ... which at first glance 
seems like it should work (assuming the HighlightComponent it's getting 
ResponseBuilder that has the QParser set appropriately)

i haven't tested it to verify that it isn't working as you say -- but 
assuming you are correct, it's definitely bug.


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