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From "Eli K" <>
Subject Re: multi-language searching with Solr
Date Mon, 05 May 2008 20:28:16 GMT
Wouldn't this impact both indexing and search performance and the size
of the index?
It is also probable that I will have more then one free text fields
later on and with at least 20 languages this approach does not seem
very manageable.  Are there other options for making this work with



On Mon, May 5, 2008 at 3:41 PM, Binkley, Peter
<> wrote:
> I think you would have to declare a separate field for each language
>  (freetext_en, freetext_fr, etc.), each with its own appropriate
>  stemming. Your ingestion process would have to assign the free text
>  content for each document to the appropriate field; so, for each
>  document, only one of the freetext fields would be populated. At search
>  time, you would either search against the appropriate field if you know
>  the search language, or search across them with "freetext_fr:query OR
>  freetext_en:query OR ...". That way your query will be interpreted by
>  each language field using that language's stemming rules.
>  Other options for combining indexes, such as copyfield or dynamic fields
>  (see, would lead to a single
>  field type and therefore a single type of stemming. You could always use
>  copyfield to create an unstemmed common index, if you don't care about
>  stemming when you search across languages (since you're likely to get
>  odd results when a query in one language is stemmed according to the
>  rules of another language).
>  Peter
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>  From: Eli K []
>  Sent: Monday, May 05, 2008 8:27 AM
>  To:
>  Subject: multi-language searching with Solr
>  Hello folks,
>  Let me start by saying that I am new to Lucene and Solr.
>  I am in the process of designing a search back-end for a system that
>  receives 20k documents a day and needs to keep them available for 30
>  days.  The documents should be searchable on a free text field and on
>  about 8 other fields.
>  One of my requirements is to index and search documents in multiple
>  languages.  I would like to have the ability to stem and provide the
>  advanced search features that are based on it.  This will only affect
>  the free text field because the rest of the fields are in English.
>  I can find out the language of the document before indexing and I might
>  be able to provide the language to search on.  I also need to have the
>  ability to search across all indexed languages (there will be 20 in
>  total).
>  Given these requirements do you think this is doable with Solr?  A major
>  limiting factor is that I need to stick to the 1.2 GA version and I
>  cannot utilize the multi-core features in the 1.3 trunk.
>  I considered writing my own analyzer that will call the appropriate
>  Lucene analyzer for the given language but I did not see any way for it
>  to access the field that specifies the language of the document.
>  Thanks,
>  Eli
>  p.s. I am looking for an experienced Lucene/Solr consultant to help with
>  the design of this system.

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