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From Alok Dhir <>
Subject Re: Zappos's new Solr Site
Date Fri, 02 May 2008 13:41:55 GMT
Hey Matt - congratulations on your new site -- it looks great.

I'm curious, after a few weeks of having run this way, what your  
findings are regarding running the shared index on NFS.  Any problems  
as of yet?

I assume you're indexing from one machine and calling 'commit' on the  
others on some schedule to get them to 'see' changes.

How is that working out for you?

Alok K. Dhir
Symplicity Corporation
1 703 351 0200 x 8080

On Apr 11, 2008, at 1:35 PM, Matthew Runo wrote:

> Hello folks!
> First, the link: (it's a very early open  
> beta... we're just very proud of everyone's work and wanted to share  
> it with you all)
> We've been working on a new site here at Zappos for about the last 7  
> months, with planning going back almost two years. We looked at  
> Endeca, we looked at Fast, we looked at sooooo many commercial  
> search engine technologies in that time that I can't even remember  
> them all. We ended up choosing Solr, and not just because it's free.  
> Solr has a truly wonderful group of users here who respond to  
> support questions far faster than most paid support contracts. I've  
> never had a question that I couldn't get answered on this list, no  
> matter how stupid it's been (sorry Hoss!) =p
> Zappos has a long history of using open source technologies to drive  
> their business, and have used Apache 1.3 + Perl 5 for the past 8  
> years. Our new site is written in Java, and is really built around  
> our Solr index. Solr powers all the navigation and facets, as well  
> as the brand list and brand pages. One of the issues with our old  
> site was how database heavy it was, with some pages generating 100s  
> of queries. Zeta is much better in this regard, and we really think  
> Solr is going to serve us very well.
> Here's some stats on our Solr index...  158,821 documents in about 2  
> gigs of disk space, running in Tomcat 6 with 10 gigs of ram set  
> aside. We have 5 servers clustered together, and each runs an  
> instance of and a local copy of solr. For now, each  
> of these servers reads from a single Solr index stored on NFS -  
> we'll see how this works out, and are prepared to store a local copy  
> of the index on each server.
> Thanks, and we'd love any feedback on the new site (keep in mind,  
> some parts of it aren't quite done).
> Matthew Runo
> Software Developer
> 702.943.7833

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